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Wedding Bouquet

Bridal Services & Packages

This is our bridal section! We offer many customized packages or have everything available a la carte. We offer soap/wax melt packages. Each package comes with a free gift set for the bride and groom as a surprise for their big day!


We customize the packages based on product, color, fragrance, and more. Our items are typically vegan with certain exceptions that we are happy to discuss. We want to offer amazing items as party favors for such a momentous occasion.

Each package does come with the party favors pre-packaged in boxes and delivered. 


Orders over 15 packages get 10% off

Orders over 20 packages get 15% off

Orders over 30 packages get 20% off

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Let me know which package you are interested in, and we are happy to personalize many aspects about our deals.

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